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- Customer focused, customizable exercising programs, automatic exercise chair(machine)
Various pre-programmed exercising programs
Automatically adjusts the speed and reclining height of the machine for safety and efficiency of
exercise after sensing and analyzing the user’s current exercise stress and quality.
It allows the machine to automatically provide the user focused, user oriented and,
“Just in time customized” exercise to the user.

- Automatic Motion Control
The conventional running machine requires the user to manually adjust the speed and reclining
heights to start the exercise and during the exercise.
It represents that the machine was designed and built from the convenience of the manufacture
rather than the users.

Our state of the art running machine automatically adjusts the speed and reclining heights by
sensing the user’s motion.
Therefore, it can maximize the efficiency of the exercise and provide the best performance from the

- U-Wellness oriented exercise management system.
It means that the system keeps the critical exercise records for the life time of the user within the
built in state of art customer management system.

- SpoTrainment
The word “spoTrainment” is made from “Sports and Entertainment”.
The exercise is no longer has to be boring.
Now the user can enjoy the exercise with the entertainment such as game, TV, and music that are
built in the running machine
Automatically measures VO2Max, Calorie, distance, duration, and heartbeat