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Video Web Inspection System
Example of Fault detection

* Video Web Inspection System

The quality control is a very important for the printing process.

So, you should analyze and examine factors effecting on he printing quality and quickly handle them,

and you should check the printing conditions for maintaining a perfect and constant quality.

So far, various types of technologies such as Stroboscope and Zooming device have been used forinspecting the printing error during printing works.

We developed IMAGE 5500, a still image monitoring system with a high sensitivity,

by making use the Stroboscope technology and image processing technology for examine printed matter produced

with a high speed at real time.

Our video web inspection system, promises to make the productionline of a high effectiveness by monitoring with a high reliability and a stable high precision.

- Detect easily various badness state of printed matter

* Detect wrinkle of web, Traces of doctor knife, Spread of ink, Fish-eye, etc.
* Detect printing pint error
* Detect pollution of ink and various badness factors

- Simple operating system, Very easy to using
* Inexperience worker can use easily by GUI(Graphic User Interface) embodiment

- Inspection of high definition
* Clear & Clean image by high efficiency CCD Camera of electric motion zoomer  to monitor display

- Inspect whole width of web by real time
* Inspect whole width of web automatically from lft to right side by set-up function of Auto check

- No mechanical trouble such as contact badness of switch by using Ultrasonic touch monitor

Main body & Control unit
Camera & Traverse unit
Monitor unit
Industrial HMI Touch Screen





Memory point : 10 points

Traverse travel time : Low & High speed combination

Encoder setting : 100 - 9999

Automatic series scan function

( Each 7 divisions of X, Y-axis)

Gear's teeth setting function

Auto center function

Power source

AC 200~240V


HMI (touch type) operation



Sensor size : 1628(H) x 1236(V) Approx. 2.01M pixels

Monitor applicable : 4:3, 16:10, 16:9

@Frame rate  @15, 7.5, 3.75fps

Maker : Viewrun / Germany

Sensor size : 659(H) x 494(V) Approx. 0.33M pixels

Monitor applicable : 4:3 Monitor Only

@Fram rate  @60 fps

Maker : Hitachi / Japan


Electromotion zoom 3 way (Iris, Zoom, Focus)

Zoom Ratio : x6(std.) x 12(opt)


Visual Field

Close up Lens : Kenko社(日)

4:3 about 11mm x 15mm ~ 84mm x 112mm

16:10 about 9.4mm x 15mm ~ 70mm x 112mm


Xenon Lamp, Flash time / About 10㎲


Motion distance

400 ~ 3000mm

Stepping Motor : Oriental motor社(日)

Traverse speed (Selection)

Normal speed : 30 ~ 50mm/sec

High speed : 200 ~ 300mm/sec


Screen Size

LCD or LED Monitor / 20.1"(4:3), 22"(16:10), 24"(4:3)

Power source

AC 100~120V/220~240V 50/60Hz

Other specification

Industrial HMI Screen size : 5.7"

Resolution : 320(H) x 240(V)

Serial communication : RS232


Standard (Body) type

Body & Monitor separation type

Double monitor type